The Animal Show – Cast List


(If anyone knows for sure of any inaccuracies in this list, please email to the webmaster)


While it is generally pretty well acknowledged who the performers of the major characters were, with the bit characters it’s rather less so; mand one often ends up relying on guess-work. For those bit characters where I am certain who puppeteered them, I have denoted them with a “ * “.


Various episodes:

Stinky The Skunk - Dave Goelz

Jake The Polar Bear - Steve Whitmire

Armstrong The Chickenhawk - Bill Barretta

Ollie The Tapir (Series 1) - Karen Prell

Tizzy Bee - Karen Prell in Series 1, then Louise Gold in Series 2

Bunnie Bear (Series 2 & 3)  - Louise Gold

Rhonda Rat Rodent Reporter (Series 3) - Louise Gold

Yves St La roach - Mak Wilson in Series 1, then John Eccelston in Series 2 & 3 - when Mak left to work on Lost In Space

Dullard The Aardvark Cameraman (Series 3) - Bill Barretta

Assistant for Everyone Else (Jake’s Right arm, Ollie’s right hand, Tizzy’s large body movements (Series 1) – Mike Quinn


Episodes not stated:

Stinky’s Aunt Sniffy (a stunt Skunk) - ?

Yvette (a roach – Yves’s girlfriend) – Louise Gold (with French accent)


Series 1


Episode 1:              Cheetah and the Gazelle

Swifty The Cheetah  - Mak Wilson* (with wild British accent)

Tommy The Thomson’s Gazelle - Bill Barreta – he sings Safety In Numbers


Episode 2:              The Dolphin and the Fruit Bat

Fluke The Dolphin – Mak Wilson

Leah The Fruit Bat - Karen Prell (with Southern accent)


Episode 3:              The Koala and the Ostrich

Flora The Koala  - Mak Wilson

Lydia The Ostrich - Karen Prell


Episode 4:              The Crocodile and the Armadillo

Sly The Crocodile - Bill Barretta

Dooley The Armadillo – Mak Wilson*


Episode 5:              The Aardvark and the Chameleon

Arlene The Aardvark – Karen Prell

Chaz The Chameleon  - Mak Wilson


Episode 6:              The Elephant and the African Hunting Dog

Ringo The African Elephant  - Mak Wilson*

Eugene The African Hunting Dog - Bill Barretta


Episode 7:              The Lion and the Zebra

Chuck The Lion – Mak Wilson (with Royal British accent)

Randall The Zebra - Bill Barretta


Episode 8:              The Rattlesnake and the Skunk

Victor The Rattlesnake – Mak Wilson

Stinky The Skunk  - Dave Goelz  (– yes the co-host)


Episode 9:              The Wildebeast and the Sea Turtle

Frankie The Wildebeast – Bill Barretta (some people suggested it was Mak Wilson)

Chauncey The Turtle – Mak Wilson  – sings The Turtle Song


Episode 10:           The Shark and the Sea Lion

Achilles The Shark - Mak Wilson

Slick The Sea Lion - Bill Barretta


Episode 11:           The Rhinoceros and the Gorilla

Harry The Rhinoceros  - Mak Wilson

Lenny The Gorilla - Bill Barretta


Episode 12:           The Sea Otter and the Vulture

Plunk The Sea Otter – Mak Wilson - Teenage English accent, male

Guthrie The Vulture - Bill Barretta


Episode 13:           The Owl and the Octopus

Hilary The Owl - Karen Prell

Octavio The Octopus - Bill Barretta


Episode 14:           The Penguin and the Kiwi

Charlotte The Penguin - Karen Prell

Clive The Kiwi – Mak Wilson


Episode 15:           The Giraffe and the Sloth

Alexis The Giraffe - Karen Prell (sounds like Red Fraggle)

Lamont The Sloth - Bill Barretta


Episode 16:           The Tiger and the Tiger Beetle

Jared The Tiger – Bill Barretta (with Indian accent)

Nippy The Tiger Beatle – Mak Wilson (with Elvis like voice)


Episode 17:           The Racoon and the Polar Bear

Rhonda The Racoon - Karen Prell

Jake The Polar Bear - Steve Whitmire (– yes the co-host)


Episode 18:           The Beaver and the Spider

Morton The Beaver –Mak Wilson(Canadian accent )

Rudy The Spider - Bill Barretta (sounds like Pepe)


Episode 19:           The Wolf and the Baboon

Johnnie The Wolf - Bill Barretta

Bosko The Baboon - Mak Wilson  – sang The Baboon Song


Episode 20:           The Kangaroo and the Frog

Kasey The Kangaroo - Karen Prell

Leapovitch The Frog – Mak Wilson* – sings The frog Song

Karen also did the Mother Kangaroo voice-over, and Steve Whitmire the Baby Kangaroo voiceover.


Episode 21:           The Walrus and the Warthog

Bubba The Walrus – Bill Barretta (with a British teenage accent)

Bernice The Warthog - Karen Prell

Dave Goelz and Karen Prell did the baby Warthog voice-overs


Episode 22:           The Grizzly Bear and the Hedgehog

Vernon The Grizzly Bear (one of Jake’s cousins) - Bill Barretta

Hetty The Hedgehog - Karen Prell


Episode 23:           The Gila Monster and the Kangaroo Rat

Gabi The Gila Monster – Bill Barretta (hillybilly accent)

Cool The Kangaroo Rat – Mak Wilson* (jazzy voice) – some people call it a Kangaroo Mouse

Dave Goelz and Steve Whitmore did the baby roadrunner voiceovers


Episode 24:           The Bighorn Sheep and the Red Deer

Rocky The Bighorn Sheep - Bill Barretta

Robert The Red Deer – Mak Wilson* (with a Scottish accent)


Episode 25:           The Badger and the Rabbit

Humphrey The Badger - Bill Barretta (Bogart like accent)

Sean The Rabbit –Mak Wilson (Irish accent)


Episode 26:           The Manatee and the Lemur

Blanche The Manatee - Karen Prell

Billy Bob The aye aye Lemur – Mak Wilson (with hillybilly voice)


Series 2


Episode 27:           The Chimpanzee and the Hyena

Trudy The Chimpanzee - Louise Gold

Lazlo The Hyena - Bill Barretta


Episode 28:           The Whale and the Soldier Ant

Inidra The Whale - Louise Gold (with deep British voice)

Nemets The Ant - Bill Barretta


Episode 29:           The Tarantula and the Mole

Natasha The Tarantula - Louise Gold  (with a Russian accent) – guest was brought in by Bunnie Bear

Morely The Mole - John Eccelston


Episode 30:           The Toad and the Elephant Seal

Bufo The Toad – Bill Barretta (young British accent)

Monty The Elephant Seal  - John Eccleston (Deep British accent)


Episode 31:           The Artic Fox and the Camel

Zack The Artic Fox – John Eccleston

Doreen The Camel - Louise Gold


Episode 32:           The Hippopotamus and the Cape Buffalo

Phoenicia The Hippopotamus - Louise Gold (doing her Queen Elizabeth II voice)

Travis The African Buffalo - Bill Barretta


Episode 33:           The Wasp and the Blue-Footed Booby

Winnie The Wasp - Louise Gold (with Irish accent) – Tizzy’s cousin

Milton The Blue-Footed Booby -  Bill Barretta or (some seemed to think it was John Eccelston) (with Ed Wynn like voice)


Episode 34:           The Gemsbok and the Moose

D’kembe The Gemsbok – Bill Barretta  (with African accent)

Ralph The Moose – John Eccelston (some seemed to think it was Bill Barretta) (with deep north sounding voice)


Episode 35:           The Marine Iguana and the Roadrunner

Nico The Marine Iguana - John Eccelston (with a British accent)

Rudy The Roadrunner - Bill Barretta (with a Spanish accent like Pepe)


Episode 36:           The Bison and the Musk Ox

Custer The Bison - Bill Barretta (with a Western voice)

Monica The Musk Ox - Louise Gold (sounds like a tough old lady)


Episode 37:           The Orangutan and the Potto

Jackie The Orangutan - John Eccelston (with a deep voice)

Lulu The Potto - Louise Gold (with an African accent)


Episode 38:           The Stork and the Shoebill

Margaret The Stork - Dave Goelz (with a British voice, a bit like Bunsen Honeydew)

Wingo The Shoebill - Steve Whitmire ( SW’s rocksinger voice but with a Romanian accent)

[Bunnie and Armstrong were being main hosts in this episode while Stinky and Jake took over their duties]


Episode 39:           The Wilde Horse and the Volcano Rabbit

Perry The Wilde Horse - John Eccelston (sounds like John Wayne)

Alicia The Volcano Rabbit - Louise Gold (with a squeaky Spanish accent)


Series 3


Episode 40:           The Siberian Tiger and the Reindeer

Sasha The Siberian Tiger - Katherine Smee – puppet was same a s Jared

Andrew The Reindeer - John Eccelston – Scandinavian accent, sang Raindeer On The Beach

Rhonda interviewed Pavlov a pug dog (Dave Goelz) and then a Vulture (Katherine Smee)


Episode 41:           The Crab and the Snail

Cornelius The Crab - Bill Barretta (sounded like Jackie Mason)

Alicia The Snail - Louise Gold (slow sounding)

Rhonda interviewed Hector The Spider Monkey and Hilary The Owl


Episode 42:           The Barn Owl and the Frog

Timothy The Barn Owl – Bill Baretta (European accent) – same puppet as Hilary

Mavis The Frog  - Louise Gold (loud fun-loving voice) – same puppet as Leapovitch. Some say it is written Namis, others say it is pronounced Ma-vis

Rhonda interviewed a Spider Monkey (Katherine Smee) and a Camel (Katherine Smee)


Episode 43:           The Indian Elephant and the Human

Maxine The Indian Elephant - Katherine Smee* (with a cockney accent) – same puppet as Ringo

Dave The Human Being - Bill Barretta ( modelled on Dave Goelz)

Rhonda interviewed Randal The Zebra and a Secretary Bird (Katherine Smee)


Episode 44:           The Pelican and the Flamingo

Paul The Pelican – Bill Barretta

Julie The Flamingo - Louise Gold (in a Proper English voice)

Rhonda interviewed Pavlov The Pug dog (Steve Whitmire) and a Red Fox (Dave Goelz). There was also a pink pig in blue flannel knickers who wanted Stinky the teach him to eat like a pig.


Episode 45:           The Warthog and the Baboon

Warren The Warthog – John Eccleston (same puppet as Bernice)

Alana The Baboon (Louise Gold – Spanish voice) – same puppet as Bosko

Rhonda interviewed a Racoon and a Wildebeast


Episode 46:           The Mouse

Stanley The Mouse - possibly John Eccelston  – Bill Barretta did an Owl (same puppet as Hilary and Timothy but different voice) who wanted to eat it. A snake (performed by Katherine Smee) was also after it, this was same puppet as Victor and Kiki (but different voice). A fox (Louise Gold) was a after it too, this was the same puppet as Virginia The red fox but a different accent (not British)

Rhonda interviewed a Cheetah (Katherine Smee) and a Rattlesnake (Katherine Smee)


Episode 47:           The Monitor Lizard and the Crocodile

Vic The Monitor Lizard - Louise Gold  (tough sounding voice)

Frankie The Crocodile - Bill Barretta (New York accent) – same puppet as Sly

Rhonda interviews a Blue-footed Booby (John Eccleston with a girls voice ), and then the same Booby again.


Episode 48:           The Albatross and the Hummingbird

Molly The Albatross - Katherine Smee  (with southern accent)

Harvey The Hummingbird – John Eccleston (squeaky voice) – perched on yellow flowers in a pot brought in by Bunnie

Rhonda interviewed a yellow shaggy dog and then Jake The Polar bear (Steve Whitmire) who was passing by


Episode 49:           The Humpback Whale

Andrew The Whale - John Eccleston (with a deep voice) – same puppet as Inidra and same tank

Rhonda interviews a Flying Squirrel (Steve Whitmire) and a Yellow fish (Dave Goelz)


Episode 50:           The Spider Monkey and the Lemur

Hector The Spider Monkey - John Eccleston  (teenage Spanish accent)

Mel The Lemur - Bill Barretta (rock star voice) – same puppet as Billy Bob

Rhonda interviews Molly The Albatross (Katherine Smee) while Socks the black and white cat (Dvae Goelz)  is bothering Rhonda. She then interviews Penelope The Tortoise while a badger is bothering Rhonda.


Episode 51:           The Honeybee and the Honeypossum

Barry The Honeybee –John Eccleston (squeaky voice like Harvey The Humminbird) – had to broadcast live from a field of flowers)

Priscilla The Honeypossum - possibly Katherine Smee (squeaky Australian accent)

Three judges on the show Sly The Crocodile (John Eccleston), Travis The African Buffalo, and, Guthrie The Vulture. Rhonda interviews Guthrie the Vulture and then Sly The Crocodile.


Episode 52:           The Wasp and the Ant

Max The Wasp - Bill Barretta – same puppet as Winnie

Morris The Ant - John Eccelston –deep sounding cultural voice) – same puppet as Nemets

Rhonda interviews a Flaubert the Brown Black & White Anteater (Katherine Smee), and Sean The Rabbit


Episode 53:           The Coyote and the Red Fox

Bart The Coyote - Bill Barretta  (wild west accent)

Virginia The Red Fox - Louise Gold – British accent

Rhonda interviews Dullard The Aardvark Cameraman because no other animals are around. She then interviews Socks the black and white cat (Dave Goelz).

[It is perhaps worth noting that about a year before puppeteering this, Louise Gold had actually portrayed a fox on stage in a dramatisation of the David Garnett novella Lady Into Fox]


Episode 54:           The Grasshopper Mouse and the Stoat

Galahad The Grasshopper Mouse - Bill Barretta (Bogart voice)

Stella The Stoat – Louise Gold(hissing British voice)

Rhonda interviews Cody The Colobus Monkey and Nico The Marine Igauna


Episode 55:           The Fish

Larry The Fish – Bill Barretta same tank as the two whales

Rhonda interviews Winston the Woodpecker. Her second interview was Syndication cut,.


Episode 56:           The Pike and the Chamois

Pearl The Pike - possibly Katherine Smee ( Squeaky Southen voice)

Charlie The Chamois - Bill Barretta (surfers voice)

Rhonda interviews a Warthog, and then a Badger (Dave Goelz)


Episode 57:           The Bald Eagle (and the Chichenhawk)

Sam The Eagle - Frank Oz

Rhonda interviews a Grasshopper Mouse (Katherine Smee), and her second interview was cut.


Episode 58:           The Jaguar and the Tortoise

Jasper The Jaguar - John Eccelston  (Bing Crosby like voice)

Penelope The Yellow-Footed Tortoise - Katherine Smee (British old lady’s voice) – they showed a film about terrapins but she is introduced as a tortoise

Rhonda interviewed Penelope and then Jasper the only occasion she interviewed both main guests


Episode 59:           The Spoonbill and the Salmon

Julius The Spoonbill - Bill Barretta

Yorik The Salmon - John Eccelston (Russian accent)

Rhonda interviewed Ernie The Mongoose, while a badger was annoying Rhonda. She then interviewed a red fish


Episode 60:           The Colobus Monkey and the Flying Squirrel

Cody The Colobus Monkey - John Eccelston (wild British accent)

Quincy The Flying Squirrel - Bill Barretta  (sounds a bit like Armstrong but lighter)

Rhonda interviewed a Penguin (Katherine Smee), and Quincy The Flying Squirrel (Bill Barretta)


Episode 61:           The Rattlesnake

Kiki The Rattlesnake - Louise Gold (Spanish voice)

Rhonda interviewed a Marine Iguana (Katherine Smee) and a Hornbill (Katherine Smee).

Lawrence The Orangutan (Steve Whitmire) (same puppet as Jackie) delivered a package to Armstrong


Episode 62:           The Hornbill and the Woodpecker

Hortense The Hornbill - Louise Gold  (Proper British accent –whatever that is)

Winston The Woodpecker - John Eccelston (deep southern voice)

Rhonda interviewed a shaggy yellow dog (Steve Whitmire) and a Mole (Dave Goelz)


Episode 63:           The Giant Otter and the Mink

Sandy The Giant Otter - Katherine Smee (light teenage girl’s voice)

Melaine The Mink - John Eccelston (deep sounding valley girl’s voice)

Rhonda interviews Bart The Coyote and a Pelican (Dave Goelz)


Episode 64:           The Mongoose and the Secretary Bird

Ernie The Mongoose - John Eccelston (deep cultural sounding voice) – tried to take over the entire show by pushing S&J aside to talk to the next guest himself

Kyle The Secretary Bird - Bill Barretta (Jimmy Durante type voice)

Rhonda interviews a rainbow coloured snake (Steve Whitmire),and her second interview got cut without the animal being revealed.


Episode 65:           The Gorilla and the Lion

Gilda The Gorilla - Louise Gold (same puppet as Lenny)

Malcolm The Lion - Bill Barretta (same puppet as Chuck)

Melaine The Mink wanted to be interviewed but Rhonda interviewed Lamont the Sloth and then Randall The Zebra



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